I love entering contests! Perhaps this joy began when my grade 2 teacher had my class  write “spooky stories” for a McDonald’s contest and I won second prize. I wish I still had my french fry tote bag! 

I will do my best to keep this page updated with contests that are free to enter. The contests will most likely involve writing – I do what I can to encourage writing whenever possible! ^_^

Polar Expressions K-12 (published work with prize money) Poetry and Short Story contests – Poetry contest deadline is November 14th, Short story contest deadline is December 5th (I have just submitted for more information, including a sample of the annual published book)

“Reading Gives You Superpowers” Comic contest from Scholastic – deadline November 1st, ages 7-11

“Fantastic Beasts movie sweepstakes” from Scholastic – deadline October 21st, grades 6 & 7