One Family: A Collective of Related Beings…

Today, a couple groups started reading through George Shannon’s “One Family“: a wonderful book outlining different families and the numbers 1-10, but also illustrating the many ways that “one” can actually mean a group or collective of many.


Idioms games

We have been using kahoot to practice using and understanding idioms but on Wednesday, some classes will try some different game sites and see which one(s) are most helpful!

Turtle Diary has a “Race for Idioms and Proverbs” game – you have to answer a multiple-choice question any time you crash.

Turtle Diary also has an “Identifying Idiomatic Phrases” quiz page which is great for recognizing phrases that do not mean exactly what they say.

Funbrain’s “Paint by Idioms” involves matching idioms to their meanings to colour different characters. You can choose your theme, level of difficulty, information you are given, and which character you would like to paint. has an “Idioms Game – Slang Game” which gives multiple possible answers of meaning for various idioms.

Which idioms game is your favourite?

By the way, check out the book that just arrived – illustrated by the Grade 2s and 3s and some Grade 4s!


Government Responsibilities

With the BC election coming up, the Intermediate classes are preparing for a Student Vote in May.

Grade 5s and 6s are learning about roles and responsibilities of the 3 levels of government in Canada.

We have been playing some games in kahoot to practice and learn.

Check out “Level Rule” on this site for a great game for deciding and learning what each level of government is responsible for.