Today, we played an online quiz game in class that you can play at home if you have 2 devices! The students used iPads to respond to timed questions on my computer screen.

The Kindergarten students played “The Letter D” and “The Letter R“.

The Grade 1 students played “B, M, R Beginning Sounds” and “S, T, P Beginning Sounds“. (“C, D, F Beginning Sounds” is another one to try at home!)

The Grade 2s and 3s did Trivia from Mo Willem’s Pigeon: “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus”, “The Pigeon Needs a Bath“, and “Quotes from the Pigeon“.

Another Grade 2/3 group did “Adjectives” and started the extra challenging “Adjectives“.


Run for Popcorn – Consonants and Vowels

Today the Ks played “Pop! For Letters” with a twist – if they drew a vowel “popcorn”, they did a hop by their seat and if they drew a consonant “popcorn”, they ran around the table once before sitting again.

We practiced naming letters while some are starting to learn which ones are vowels!