Story Sequencing

Today, I hosted a choice time table in a kindergarten classroom. The students looked for related images they could connect together and then explained what happened in the puzzle’s story.



Today, we played an online quiz game in class that you can play at home if you have 2 devices! The students used iPads to respond to timed questions on my computer screen.

The Kindergarten students played “The Letter D” and “The Letter R“.

The Grade 1 students played “B, M, R Beginning Sounds” and “S, T, P Beginning Sounds“. (“C, D, F Beginning Sounds” is another one to try at home!)

The Grade 2s and 3s did Trivia from Mo Willem’s Pigeon: “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus”, “The Pigeon Needs a Bath“, and “Quotes from the Pigeon“.

Another Grade 2/3 group did “Adjectives” and started the extra challenging “Adjectives“.

Run for Popcorn – Consonants and Vowels

Today the Ks played “Pop! For Letters” with a twist – if they drew a vowel “popcorn”, they did a hop by their seat and if they drew a consonant “popcorn”, they ran around the table once before sitting again.

We practiced naming letters while some are starting to learn which ones are vowels!